The five main reasons to choose 24X7ERP solution are:

Operational Efficiency:
Automates all business and functional processes thereby increasing overall operational efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction:
24X7ERP solution help in enhancing internal business processes and enables organizations to improve customer satisfaction.

Easy Access:
Our web-based ERP solution enables easy accessibility and availability of timely information, which results in better decision making and forecasting.

24X7ERP packages have a flexible and scalable structure thereby enabling organizations to adapt and cater to future business expansions and requirements.

Cost- Effective:
24X7ERP for Small and Medium Enterprises is affordable, quick to implement thus enabling the SMEs to focus on growth and improvement of their business rather than worrying about software.

And over and above, JA Solution work with you jointly to deliver the most favorable ERP solution for your organization, to help you further maximize your return on the investment.

Benefits of ERP-

Enhances flexibility:
Organizations followed rigid procedures and formalities prior to ERP intervention. One had to seek permission to view the details or data of the other department in the same company. This had to be routed through departmental heads. Of course there was nothing wrong because confidentiality had to be maintained at the interdepartmental levels itself in order to ensure the security of data. With the advent of ERP this practice has been given a go by. Whatever a person needs can be immediately accessed by him subject to the delegated authority and essentiality. ERP function has thus helped individuals.

Improves Quality:
ERP support has vastly helped to improve the quality of services and products offered by the companies. ERP has been instrumental in identifying the areas for improvement In the event of speeding and improving the manufacturing process or other core functions of the company. This has greatly helped to improve the overall quality. For example in the course of implementing ERP software the company would have found some obsolete practice. They can devise a novel and productive measure in consultation with the ERP vendor which will double the benefits given the ERP software implementation. Thus ERP project helps to identify the existing mistakes and improve upon them in a better manner. The ERP function will accrue only if ERP is carried properly in an organization.

Economizes the resources:
ERP support will help to save manpower, time and money not only on a large scale but also in the case of many sub process. During the course of ERP implementation the company can identify many areas that where resources are not properly put in use. This will help the company to decide on them and devise a suitable measure to properly use those resources. For E.g. during the course of ERP implementation the company can get to know the misallocation of the resources due to reasons like wrong organizational structure and procedures. These would not have been otherwise possible but for ERP function.

Helps decision making:
ERP support has increased the autonomy and thereby the process of decision making process becomes easy in departments. Formerly departments had to get the consent and consensus from one another before finalizing or processing the end information. ERP has eliminated this need in the right time. Individual departments can function like separate entities (with good faith) because they can access the information required from other departments from the system in their table.