Smart businesses recognized by how important graphic design is in the market. It is also understood that having a corporate identity can help them to attract attention from target audiences and helps them to believe the quality of your products and services.

A corporate identity can be defined as a system of rules and symbols that identify your company or organization. It represents your brand; the reputation your company that holds in the minds of the consumers. Corporate identity design can help to in communicating to consumers what makes you unique, your strong points and it also helps to influence buying decisions by creating a sense of trust.

There are hundreds of ways that consumers interact with your company every day; advertising, direct mail, web site, e-mail and business cards are among a few. Each of these interaction points are known as Brand Interaction Points. These are all opportunities for you to communicate with and influence consumers.

Corporate Identity Design is a system of tools which help your company to create a consistent and clear message across all of your Brand Interaction Points. Awareness of your brand happens through a repeated exposure of your logo and corporate identity. As consumers interact with your Brand Interaction Points they are repeatedly seeing corporate identity and the message you wish you communicate.

Corporate Identity Design Builds Value
Many companies hold off on creating a corporate identity. Some feel that it's not important others want to put the funding towards advertising or marketing. A corporate identity design program can do many things:

The Logo - The Point of Focus in a Corporate Identity
The first item to be designed in a Corporate Identity is the logo. The logo serves as a focus point for the entire brand and should appear on as many Brand Interaction Points as possible. A common misconception is that a good logo will help to sell your services and products. The logo is only as powerful as the brand it represents.

There are many different types of logos out there. Some logos are more literal while others are symbolic or abstract. There are logos that are more of an image while others are a unique stylization of a word or the name of the company. There is no specific way to figure out what type of logo will fit in best with your corporate identity design and what type will not.